1) Why are you a communist when communism has never worked?

Communism as Marx envisioned it has never been tried. Marx did not want ‘Socialism in One Country‘ and Stalinism is not the same as Communism. Communism in the Soviet Union was a project that took place during an industrial revolution when many people worked on the land. The western world today, with the technology and infrastructure we have, is totally different from this scenario and communism in the digital age would work a lot better with a lot of the problems it encountered in the Soviet Union mitigated. This is a good article for understanding some of the basics and debunking some of the common misconceptions: Why you’re wrong about communism: 7 huge misconceptions about it (and capitalism)


2) Communism didn’t work in Cuba, so why do you support it? 

Cuba has been forced to operate under strict sanctions from the US this is not how communism is supposed to function and isn’t a fair way of judging it. Imagine if the whole world was communist and shared resources feely but refused to interact with one small state that wanted to remain capitalist. There’s no way that state would be able to function properly, and certainly not to the degree it could if allowed to trade freely.

Anyhow, I am not a fan of Castro or the Cuban project particularly as I dislike authoritarian communism and cult’s of personality.


3) Why do you block/insult people for disagreeing with you?

People disagree with me all the time and it’s perfectly fine. It depends what we disagree on and how. If I say “we should all have the same rights” and someone disagrees with me, I’m calling them a shitbag, or, if someone just tweets “Joe Allen* is shit” at me, they can fuck off. Disagree by all means, but if in disagreeing your reveal yourself to be a prick, I’ll call you one.


*of course it’s fine to not rate Joe Allen, but if you want to interact with me have something interesting to say or at least master the art of conversation. If I was sat in a pub discussing Liverpool and mentioned Joe Allen, and some dickhead came up to me and just said “Joe Allen is shit” I’m not going to think “wow, I really want toi be mates with this guy”. I’m going to think he hasn’t got any social skills, knows nothing about football and is rude and aggressive, and would probably tell him so. Why should Twitter be any different?


4) Why don’t you support your local team?

I couldn’t possibly have a ‘local’ team because I have moved al my life. By the time I was 6 I had lived in Wales, Norfolk and the Midlands. I’ve since lived in Spain, Brighton, London and Devon. I’m in Exeter now and I’m going to go to some home games this season. Not everyone is born in one place and lives their whole life there. Also, Liverpool is the closest top division club to where I was born anyway.


5) Why do you think you’re always right ?

This is the most stupid question ever asked. Who thinks they are wrong? If I thought I was wrong I would drop my opinion and adopt a new one, like any not completely stupid person. There are lots of things I don’t have an opinion on, like which is the oldest planet in our solar system, for example, because I don’t know and have no way of deducing it or knowledge with which to make an intelligent guess, but if I do have an opinion on something it’s because I have cause to think it is right.



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